PRESS RELEASE: Beasts of Burden Kickstarter Launch!

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Dioxin Dump Games Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Card Game Beasts of Burden

June 23, 2014: Dioxin Dump Games started their month-long Kickstarter campaign this morning for their second game, Beasts of Burden.

Beasts of Burden is a quick-playing game of treachery and debauchery that happens to center around constantly swapping items in your inventory. In the game, players must carry around weapons, tools and treasures, each with separate weights, values and uses in order to defeat monsters, avoid traps and solve puzzles in an absurdist dungeon.

“I love pen and paper RPGs, but I hate managing encumbrance,” said Stuart Keating, the game’s designer. “So, creating a fast, fun card game around what kind of junk is in your backpack was an interesting challenge, and I think fans of Munchkin, Fluxx and Kingdom of Loathing will appreciate the aesthetics, pace and mechanics.”

After their first game, Three Days until Retirement, raised nearly $10,000 on Kickstarter, Dioxin Dump is quickly gaining a name as a producer of unique, interesting content throughout the gaming community. While Three Days met the demands of a niche RPG-based group of gamers who love 80s cop action films, Beasts of Burden is a simpler, faster game designed for a much wider audience.

The campaign’s $6,000 fundraising goal will allow Dioxin Dump to professionally print the game and will result in over 100 custom illustrations by the talented Nikki Burch, while also producing additional physical goods.  Campaign funds will also fund professional editing and fulfillment services from project manager Rebecca Schranz, ensuring a timely release of a high-quality game.

At all funding levels, backers will receive an instant PDF of the beta game rules, as well as instructions for creating the cards at home. From there, it’s all gamer gold: $10 buys a digital copy and $20 a physical copy; Higher-priced tiers include “fan club packs” full of physical goods as well as tank tops.

Many tiers are geared towards group purchases to make purchasing easier for stores, international purchasers and game clubs. “Two of the driving forces behind Dioxin Dump are collective action and that feeling you get when something weird shows up in the mail,” said Keating.  “We want to make sure people can get together with their weird friends, order cool, weird stuff through the mail, and then do cool, weird stuff with it.”

The Kickstarter campaign for Beasts of Burden runs until the morning of July 23, 2014 and can be found at http://kck.st/1puDv1p.